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                                                   MJ Founders Article

FutureMVP is a non-profit organization founded by Madesta "Mj" Jackson, a dedicated mother who tragically lost her son, Wesley, after his final high school game in 2009. Inspired by her love and desire to prevent other mothers from experiencing the pain of losing a child, Mj has become a relentless advocate for high school student-athlete safety.

Statistics show the urgent need for action. Every year, millions of young athletes in the United States suffer sports-related injuries, with a shocking 3.5 million children under fifteen requiring medical treatment. Even more surprising is that 62% of these injuries occur during practice. It is disheartening to note that 27% of parents do not consistently implement safety precautions during practice sessions.

FutureMVP aims to change these statistics by implementing a comprehensive sports safety class within Georgia high school athletic programs. Our priority is to ensure that athletes stay safe and protected on and off the field throughout their high school journey. We are committed to ensuring that no other mother will endure the heartbreaking loss that Mj experienced.

Through our groundbreaking initiative, "That's What's Up! Sports FSTVL," we are revolutionizing high school sports. This program focuses on 8th-grade and inexperienced athletes transitioning into high school sports programs. We provide resources and safety measures to equip these young athletes with the knowledge they need to thrive physically and mentally. Our sports medicine and safety classes cover mental wellness, heat-related issues, local police involvement, and Wealth Management NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness). By addressing these areas, we aim to create a sustainable and safe environment for student-athletes in Atlanta, Georgia.

At FutureMVP, we understand the importance of learning from past injuries and tragedies. We continuously study and analyze these cases to identify potential risks and develop preventive measures. Our goal is to improve the safety and well-being of student-athletes, with a particular focus on football while setting a precedent for safety in all sports.

Through our unwavering dedication to safety, health, and overall well-being, FutureMVP is impacting the future of high school sports. Together, we can prioritize the safety of our young athletes and ensure that no mother experiences the devastating loss that Mj endured. Together, we can create a future where sports are enjoyed without fear or worry.

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